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Brush Pad and Head, OCA and CCA Policy


OCA Statement

“A moratorium on the use of brushes with artificially textured brushing materials will be enforced for events on the OCAcalendar until such time as a new rule or statement is issued by the governing bodies.

Teams currently using artificially textured brushing material may comply with the moratorium by :

(1) if applicable, reversing the brush materials to place the unmodified fibre weave on the exterior

(2) using alternate brush materials composed of fibre weaves similar to Norway or EQ brush material

or (3) using a hair brush.

Players must be able to “see” the “fabric weave” in any brush head fabric that will come into contact with

the ice. Many fabrics are produced with two different sides: one that displays a weave, and one that

appears to be embossed/sealed and almost plastic in appearance. You can differentiate with the naked

eye. If you are uncertain, please bring additional brush heads that you are confident will be compliant with

this statement. Also, only equipment available for sale to the public at retail outlets will be permitted in the

field of play. No homemade equipment will be allowed during this seasons championships.

CCA Statement


Teams currently using brush-head technology not in compliance with the above moratorium may comply by:


Curling Canada will continue to work with the World Curling Federation and the Players Association to establish an evidence-based, well-defined equipment approval policy.

Enforcement in officiated events

As we progress through the implementation of the Moratorium, we have observed the processes, listened to concerns of players, and have further developed how we approach the Moratorium in the field of play.

Pre-game practice – The pre-game practice as stated, is not part of the game. As such any compliant brush may be used including throwing brooms.

Last Stone Draw – The Last Stone Draw is considered part of the game and as such the Moratorium is in force.

PenaltiesIf a player is found to be using a brush that is not allowed on the field of play under this moratorium, the offending team will forfeit that game.


Curling Canada’s list of compliant brush heads by brand names as of Dec. 15, 2015

IMPORTANT: this list of compliant brush heads assumes the hard insert has been removed and that the fabric has not been “doctored” after the retail sale.  If the weave cannot be seen by the umpire, the brush head will be deemed non-compliant


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