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Learn-to-Curl Program


Cornwall Curling Centre: Learning the sport

Standard-Freeholder News article

Interested in playing the sport, but not so keen on appearing totally clueless about curling, this was a program that seemed tailor-made for Lesa Lapointe. She joined the Cornwall Curling Centre’s Learn to Curl program a couple of months ago. The rest is history — and a promising curling future. “I knew nothing about (curling a few months ago), not a darn thing — I knew it was on TV once in a while, that was it,’’ said Lapointe, who about halfway through the program a month ago started sparing for some of the regularly-scheduled leagues at the centre. “(By that point) I didn’t feel like I was a fish out of water.’’ A graduation day ceremony of sorts was held Sunday afternoon, complete with a pot-luck dinner, at the final session of the first-year Learn to Curl program. “It’s been extremely successful . . . I’m amazed at how successful (the participants have) been, how much they’ve improved,’’ said six-year veteran curler Josette Leduc, a volunteer with the program. The program got started back in mid-October, and 15 people have participated. On Sunday, closing day, instructor Lynn Macdonell down in the change room area started the session by talking to the group about curling equipment, then, for the first time, they played a full-length game. Lapointe, and many others in the program, plan on playing a lot of full-length curling matches over the coming years. “It’s better than sitting at home on the couch watching the snow fall,’’ said Lapointe, who’ll be playing in the Monday night women’s social league, and the Friday night mixed social league. For Macdonell, one of six volunteers involved in the program, and co-coordinator of it along with Lew Stanley, it’s a virtual certainty the club will offer it again next year. “Absolutely,’’ she said. “It’s been successful . . . there are people here (ranging in age from their early 30s to late 70s), people from all walks of life finding the time to put (curling) in their lifestyle. “Most of them will be joining leagues in the new year.’’ The course was developed by the Canadian Curling Association, and supported more locally by the Ottawa Valley Curling Association. Unlike traditional one-day clinics, the program/league helped entry-level curlers get progressively better through continued weekly instruction and skills development. The program covered all aspects of the game, from technique and strategy to the physics of the sport. The club provided participants with foot grippers and sliders, as well as brooms for the duration of the course.


The Cornwall Curling Club offers an 8 week Learn-to-Curl (LtoC) Program starting Sunday October 15th  running through early December 17th. See schedule below. The number of participants may be limited.

This eight week Learn to Curl (LtoC) program/league is aimed at people who have not curled before but would be interested in trying the sport.

The LtoC course has been developed by the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) and supported by the Ottawa Valley Curling Association (OVCA). Unlike the traditional one day clinic, the program/league helps entry level curlers get progressively better through continued weekly instruction and skill development. By end of the course the participants will have a very good insight into the sport of curling.

The Learn to Curl (LtoC) program covers all aspects of the game from technique and strategy to the physics of the sport. The course will include the etiquette and the social side of curling. The Cornwall Curling Club will provide LtoC participants with foot grippers and sliders as well as brooms for the duration of the course. In general, each session will consist of instruction and curling. There will be an experienced curler assigned to each sheet of ice.    

The Cornwall Curling club will be offering a nine (8) session “Learn to Curl” program for anyone interested in learning to curl.  The program will begin Sunday October 15 and will comprise of a combination of Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon sessions over an eight week period. Program cost is $120 + HST.


Session Schedule Updated Monday Nov.14th
Day Date Time
Sunday October 15 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Sunday October 22 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday October 29 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday November 12 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Sunday November 19 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday December 3 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday December 10 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday December 17 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Following the course, if the participants wish to join one or more of the club’s regular leagues for the second half of the season (January to April) and if space is available, there will be a fee $134.75 + HST.

1) For more information:

2) Attend the Cornwall Curling Club’s registration week to be held on September 19th through 21st between 6:00 and 8:30 pm, and/or our Open House on Saturday, September 23rd between 9:00 am and noon.

3) View a curling Introduction:







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