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Fees to Spare Non-members and Members


Non-members: Individuals who are not members of the Cornwall Curling Centre but wish to spare during the curling season shall pay, regardless of the length of the game, a fee of $20.00 (HST included) per game. This fee shall be paid to the bartender on duty at the Club prior to the start of the game. In addition, prior to playing as a spare, the individual must sign a copy of the Waiver of Liability form available from the bartender on duty.

The various League Convenors and Team Skips will be responsible for ensuring that the individual has signed a copy of the injury waiver form prior to their initial game as a spare. Team Skips must also ensure that the fee has been paid each time an individual plays as a spare. Any non-member is limited to a maximum of 5 games during a curling season.  

This is an opportunity for non-members to acquaint themselves with the sport and, more importantly, with the Club at a reasonable per-game price.  Such exposure will hopefully entice them to become Club members.


Members: Adult members (namely Day Ladies, Morning Senior Men and Friday Night Only curlers) who receive a discount on their membership fees in recognition of when they play, and are therefore not permitted to play in the other evening leagues, shall be entitled to spare in those leagues to a maximum of 5 times (cumulatively), without having to pay the $20 spare fee. Any additional games in those leagues will be subject to the fee. As with non-members, Team Skips will be responsible for ensuring that the fee has been paid, if applicable, each time an individual plays as a spare. The Waiver of Liability form is not an issue as it is part of their membership registration.

Any other questions should be directed to your respective League Convenor.


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